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IVC's Elevated Body Temperature Detection System

IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imaging Kiosk

IVC's elevated body temperature detection camera is a thermal and optical fixed camera that can identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. The camera is specifically designed for measuring body temperatures with the thermal camera sensor tuned to a narrow range of temperatures. It consistently provides temperature readings with an accuracy of within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
The camera combines a thermal temperature detection sensor, face recognition software, and built-in ISP image processing technology. Body temperatures can be effectively captured, from 6 to 10 feet away, allowing for non-invasive and contact-less operation. When an elevated body temperature is detected, an audible alarm sounds and the screen displays an alarm condition.
The camera offers the flexibility to be operated as a standalone, unattended kiosk and serve as a key part of a facility-wide or company- wide virus prevention strategy.

IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imagining Description
IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imaging Step 2
IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imaging Step 3
IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imaging Step 4
IVC Therm_ID Body Temperature Imaging Step 5

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